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          Shanghai Jiucheng Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiucheng")Is the world's leading design and manufacturing company in the filtration industry,company expertise in automatic and smart filtering,occupies an important position especially in the field of self-cleaning filtration.
          We provide high-standard filtration products and professional technical services for many large international companies and leading companies in various industries. We can design filtration systems in strict accordance with international and domestic industry standards in accordance with customer process requirements, and deliver products of world-class quality ...

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          2020-02-10 上海久丞開工通知!

          由于疫情正處于關鍵時期, 上海久丞工業科技有限公司 決定2月10號正式在家辦公,您可以通過...

          Products News

          2020-03-12 快開式多袋式過濾器性能優點

          快開式多袋式過濾器 區別于傳統的用螺栓固定的袋式過濾器??扉_式多袋式過濾器通過搖轉快...