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          CFC Series Candle Filtration System

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          Tel:+86.21 51097921/51090930
          Manager Li:15216604123
          Technical Support:Mr. Feng 15216602964
          Factory address: 368 Qinggao Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai

          CFC Series Candle Filtration System

          • Product introduction
          Brief introduction
          CFC Filter is mounted in a closed container. It is designed with multiple porous filter elements sheathed with filter cloth (or other filtering medium). Its main parts are the material tank air storage tank feeding pump candle filter pipes valves PLC electric control system.

          CFC Filter is also called filter cake layer filter it is composed of the vertical vessel and vertically installed filter units. The filter units consist of  filter cartridge and filter cloth or other filter medias. The real filter medium are the filter cloth and filter cake layers that covering the filter cartridge. Filter cloth is fixed on the surface of filter cartridge to make it fully sealed by using special clamps. The entire filter process is totally sealed without any spillage or environment pollution. It can realize automatic filtration feeding washing &air drying and air back blowing to discharge residuals at one time. The filter process is in high speed and zero pollution it brings largest economic benefit.

          Working principle

          Application Industry
          Applicable industry:Petrochemical industry fine chemical industry resin grease water treatment coal chemical industry etc.
          Applicable fluid types:
          Resin polybutylene resin alkyd resin epoxy resin beer edible oil syrup gelatin recycled wax cutting oil fuel lubricant and machine cooling oil etc.
          Filtration effect:Direct filtration precoating filtration slurry concentration filter cake recycling and washing.
          Filtration type:Direct filtration or precoating filtration and back flushing unloading.

          Technical Parameters
          Sub-series CFC2-CFC80
          Filtering area(㎡) 2-60
          Optional precision(um) 0.5-800
          Housing material 304316LCS
          Applicable viscosity(cp) 1-2000
          Proper temperature(℃) 1-200
          Design pressure (MPa) 0.3-1.0
          Optional cleaning startup mode Time start differential pressure start

          Field case

          For more product information please consult technical engineerTel:15216604123