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          +86.21 51097921/51090930

          CS Series Centrifugal Liquid Solid Separator

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          Contact us

          Tel:+86.21 51097921/51090930
          Manager Li:15216604123
          Technical Support:Mr. Feng 15216602964
          Factory address: 368 Qinggao Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai

          CS Series Centrifugal Liquid Solid Separator

          • Product introduction
          CS Separator is designed to separate precipitable particles via centrifugal force generating from high-speed rotation of fluid. It is extensively used in the field of solid-liquid separation. Its separation efficiency of large-proportion particles that are larger than 40μm is up to 98%. It can separate solid impurities as small as 5μm. The larger the particle proportion is and the lower the viscosity is, the better separation effect will be.

          No mobile components are needed when CS Separator is working. There is no need to replace the filter elements or clear the impurities manually. Automatic discharge can be realized only by opening the discharge ball valve at the bottom. The highly efficiency, consistent performance and economic running cost make it an ideal solution for solid-liquid separation.

          Through multi-stage separation, CS Separator can significantly improve separation efficiency. It is also an excellent pre-separation device Better filtration effect can be obtained by low-cost high-reliability pre-treatment with CS Separator and then precision filtration with self-cleaning filter, bag filter or cartridge filter, etc., which can also reduce filtering material consumption and material discharge. 

          Application area

          Applicable fields: Water treatment, metal processing, biochemical pharmacy, paper making, petrochemical engineering, etc.
          Applicable liquids: Raw water(river water, seawater, reservoir water, ground water), sewage treatment, circulating water, machining coolant, cleaning agent, etc.
          Main filtration function: Removing various sizes of particles, pre-filtration function, purifying liquid and protecting key equipment.
          Filter type: Centrifugal solid-liquid separator; automatic consecutive online working.

          Technical Parameters
          Inlet/Outlet size DN25-DN300
          Stand-alone traffic(m 3/h) 4-1145
          Shell material 304316L
          Applicable viscosity(cp)  1-40
          Proper temperature(℃)  200
          Design pressure(MPa)  0.6-1.0
          Pressure loss(MPa)  0.02-0.07

          For more product information, please consult technical engineer,Tel:15216604123