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          CT Series Liquid Cartridge Filter/Strainer

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          Tel:+86.21 51097921/51090930
          Manager Li:15216604123
          Technical Support:Mr. Feng 15216602964
          Factory address: 368 Qinggao Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai

          CT Series Liquid Cartridge Filter/Strainer

          • Product introduction
          Cartridge Filter/Strainer is designed with filter cartridge which serves as the filter element. It applies to precision filtration of fluid and removal of micro-amount tiny impurities contained in the fluid, featuring high precision, high efficiency and large pollutant-holding capacity. CT Filter is matched with multiple types of high-performance filter cartridges and can therefore fulfill various ordinary and special requirements on precision filtration.

          CT Filter/Strainer can fall into 4 subseries:

          CTT series: the economical filter is designed with clamp-type roof cover which can facilitate starting up and operation. It applies to ordinary filtration with small flux and low pressure;

          CTS series: the clamp-type closed-form structure of the roof cover with quick-open design can fulfill strict application requirements, featuring reliable performance and strong durability;

          CTM series: it is exclusively designed for application occasions with large flux, high precision and large pollutant-holding capacity. It is designed with both horizontal and vertical type, featuring large flux, compact structure and convenient replacement;

          CTR series: the edible-class design features thorough sanitation and allows for complete dismantlement for cleaning. With edible-class polished inner surface, the filter applies to food and beverage and pharmaceutical industry. 

          Application area

          Applicable fields: Fine chemical engineering, water treatment system, paper making, automatic industry, petrochemical engineering, mechanical processing, paint, electrics etc.
          Applicable liquids: Extremely wide applicability scope; applicable to various fluids containing micro amount of impurities.
          Main filtration function: Removing tiny particles, purifying liquid and protecting key equipment.
          Filter type: Particulate filtration, using discarded filter material, manual replacement.

          Sub-series CTR/CTS/CTM/CTT
          Optional filter Folding filter, meltblown filter, wire wound filter, metal filter high flow filter
          Optional precision(u m) 0.05-200
          Filter length (inches) 1020304060
          Number of individual filter elements 1-200
          Shell material 304316LCS
          Applicable viscosity(cp)  1-500
          Design pressure(MPa)  0.6-1.0 other pressures can be customized

          Field case

          For more product information, please consult technical engineer,Tel:15216604123