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          +86.21 51097921/51090930

          MIF Series Tubular Backwashing Filter

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          Tel:+86.21 51097921/51090930
          Manager Li:15216604123
          Technical Support:Mr. Feng 15216602964
          Factory address: 368 Qinggao Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai

          Waste Water Backwashing Filter for Agriculture

          • Product introduction
          MIF Filter is designed with the concept of system integration by integrating multiple standard filter units into a filtration system. The number of filter units may be increased or decreased according to the actual flux.

          MIF Filter allows for automatic operation without the need of manual cleaning and is characterized by low drop-out. The adoption of high-performance filter screen allows for thorough back flushing, less consumption of liquid, and use of external back flushing liquid. MIF Filter can purify fluid and protect key equipment in the next procedure. The fluid discharged from back flushing can be used to reclaim expensive solid particles. MIF Filter applies to low-viscosity fluids such as gasoline, heavy coker gasoline, diesel, residual oil, raw water and waste water.

          MIF Filter can flush impurities on the surface of filter screen via reverse flow of filtrate in other filter units, or assist in flushing impurities on the surface of filter screen with external clean liquid.

          Application area

          Applicable industry:Petrochemical, water treatment, papermaking, etc.
          Applicable liquids:Cooling circulating water, petrochemical engineering, diesel, gasoline, naphtha, raw water for water treatment, process water, clean water, super-clean water, and spray water, etc.
          Main filtration Function:Removing large particles, purifying water and protecting key equipment.
          Filter type:Back- flushing filter with auto module integrated.

          Sub-series MIF3-MIF24
          Number of filter units 3--24
          Filter element form V型縫型
          Optional precision (um) 20-3000
          Unit filtration area(㎡) 0.267/0.377
          Shell material 304316LCS
          Applicable viscosity(cp) 1-50
          Proper temperature(℃) 250
          Design pressure(MPa) 1.6/2.5/4.0
          Optional cleaning startup mode Time start, differential pressure start

          For more product information, please consult technical engineer,Tel:15216604123