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          +86.21 51097921/51090930


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          Tel:+86.21 51097921/51090930
          Manager Li:15216604123
          Technical Support:Mr. Feng 15216602964
          Factory address: 368 Qinggao Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai


          • Product introduction
          Product introduction: The filter element is composed of V-shaped stainless steel wire wound and rib welded, with specific backwash filtering function. Widely used in automatic self-cleaning filters, self-cleaning filters, scraper filters, blue filters, tube filters, etc.

          Features:1、Various types of stainless steel wire are selected to ensure the openness and strength requirements of its filter element.
                         2、Good strength, not clogged, can be backwashed.
                         3、Long life and not easy to damage.
                         4、Corrosion resistance, materials can be selected in many ways.
                         5、Can be non-customized to meet different customer requirements.

          Material:304、316、316L、2205、Ha C273 and so on

          For more product information, you can consult technical engineers, contact phone:15216604123